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Model: KYH-3000E
Brand: Ke Yi Hua

Capsule Printing Machine

Machine Description

KYH-3000E full automatic capsule printing machine is the state-of-the-art machine developed by our company. With double color orientation system, all the characters, image and trademark on the capsule surface can be printed in circle or axial liner way, or printed with two colors in one time . The single row printer can satisfy the demands of printing multi-item in small batch, while electronic touch screen control system makes the operation more convenient. With high printing speed, good printing performance and convenient operation interface, it’s considered as an ideal printing equipment for the capsule production and pharmaceutical enterprise.

capsule machine.png 





1.Gravure transfer printing provides high quality printing images.

2.Easy to installation and operation, just feed capsules and edible ink, and adjust

the roller, open your machine, it can working soon.

3. With stable printing performance, without much adjusts for the machine, it can

save much labour force for you.

4. Very excellent adaptability and the printing speed can be adjusted according to

the production requirement.

5. Different printing types are available, such as Annual printing, Axial printing,

directional printing and double color printing are available.

6. Easy to cleaning and maintenance.
7.Low noise.

Printing Types

working princple.png 



     Double color printing                                                         Axial printing

pill1.jpg pill2.jpg

     Annular printing                                                                  Directional printing

pill3.png pill4.png




Working principle

work principle.jpg  



This machine is applicating the principle of transfer gravure printing. The capsules transfer to the printing position, the printing roller with lettering touch edible ink and then transfer it to the rubber roller, and the rubber roller transfer the letter image on the surface of the capsules, and finish the printing.



1. Promote the enterprise image, and achieve the effect of for Prevent counterfeiting.

2. Various characters, patterns and trademarks can be printed according to the customers’ requirements.

3.With advanced structure, easy to operation and maintenance.

4.The machine body equipped with brake wheel to be conveniently moved.

5. The machine can reject the major defect capsules automatically.

6.Fast delivery and good after sale service.

7.Low noise.  


Our service

1.Warranty time: one year warranty for full machine.

2. Provide on line guidance for installation and maintenance.

3. With english operating manual.

4. If required the engineer service in site, we can arrange engineer to customer’s plant to prive service. (Usually this machine is very easy to operate for the customers according to our operation manual.

Technical Details





Empty capsule quantity(pcs/h)


Range of printing and deviation(round)

270°(less than 1.0mm)

Printing machine (capsule)filling rates(%)


Single/double colors printing


Mechanical eliminate the reverse arrangement capsule

Electronic identification and eliminate the reverse arrangement capsule

Auto-alarm when lack of materials(capsule)

If the printing rubber wheel can automatic clutch

Operation Panel

Touch screen

Low pressure shutdown protection

Eliminating the Single capsule

Tally function



Consumed power(KW)

1.1(or 0.75)

External supply of compressed air(MPa)(choice)


Working noise(average)(dB)


Machine size(mm)


Machine weight(kg)


“-“ refers no;

“√”refers yes;

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