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Cookie Printing Solution


      Baked pastries are delicious, rich in variety, suitable for all ages, and the industry is developing rapidly. There are Chinese pastries and Western pastries. They are more popular among young people, but there is no breakthrough in aesthetics. Most pastries are white and solid. Few parts have patterns. Keyihua company not only provides assembly line pastry printing solutions for food production enterprises, but also provides baking decoration solutions for different terminal retail customers. Our food printing equipment can be used in Timakaron, biscuits, bread slices, cakes, and toasts. Wait for creative custom printing on baked desserts. The equipment has high printing accuracy and good picture effect. It does not require complicated processes such as plate making and printing. It has intelligent operation and direct output of patterns by a computer. There is also a small color coffee printing device that supports mobile phone scanning codes. It is simple to operate, multi-purpose, high-speed printing, and meets industrialization. Production demand.


       Pastry and bread application:

(1) Pastry prints the corporate logo to promote the brand concept;

(2) Biscuit cartoon characters are printed to help target specific groups of people;

(3) Customized services such as bread printing holiday blessings, couple customization, exclusive gifts, etc. stimulate consumer demand;

(4) Pattern printing of emoticons and theme activities to help the creation of corporate theme marketing planning; 


    Our variety of food printing equipment can reproduce any picture 100% on food. This cross-age technology product gives traditional food a higher taste and connotation, makes your life more colorful, and makes your products Insured appreciation!

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