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Brand: Filmcare®

Edible Film Decorating Candy | Edible Paper

The Filmcare® edible paper | edible film is made from food and food additives. The company has FDA, CFDA certificates and food production license, that assure the product safety to eat.
Product Description
Youtube link:

How to make photo lollipop: 
A NEW Edible Photo Paper to decorate food & drink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuDhEvcJgSQ&t=6s

Filmcare® edible paper VS. icing paper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyDGFekF_pQ

edible paper for lollipop


Filmcare ® Edible paper is made from edible polysaccharide, starch, water and other health material, mainly applied to make
   galaxy lollipop, edible cake side strip topper, photo candy, drink decorative topper, instant package and other food, which   we can bring the colorful printing design make your product more added value.


• Perfect printing performance of galaxy lollipop, fondant cake, photo candy, drink decorative film (top melts liquid art).
• All materials are edible, healthy and safety for eating
• Edible Film comforms to the food safety stand rad, we can provide Food Production Licence, Third-party test report, FDA register Certification
• The raw materials were selected from the famous international brand and domestice brand companies, we insist to creative advanced.
manufacuring technique, bring the stable and reliable quality product to the wold.

Technical details:

Type transparent, semi-transparent white film, white, colored
Specification Standard A4 size, 30 meters rolled film polysaccharide/package
Film Ingredients Polysaccharide, starch, pure water
Stroage Store at the normal temperature warehouse, keep sealed, away from the sunlight
 Note Immediately use after open the package, keep bag sealed well

Decorate lollipop:

edible film, edible paper for lollipop, photo lollipop  edible paper, edible film for galaxy lollipop

Decorate icing cookie and cake:

edible film edible paper for icing cookie edible paper icing cookie 

Decorate drinking: 

edible paper, edible film for drink topper


edible film comparison
sinojoinsun company filmcare edible paper_副本
edible film vs icing paper
edible film vs icing sheet


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