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Edible Screen Printing Ink

Main Features

●It is cheap and efficient, you can change the printing pattern flexibly, very suitable for small scale production.

●Strong coloring, high degree of adhesion, high glossiness, water resistant, oil resistant.

●Raw materials are safety, environmental protection, in line with China's food additives related standards.

Main Applications

Edible screen printing ink is applied to print on the surface of plane food, such as: candy paper, glutinous rice paper and edible paper.

● Drug bottle aluminum plastic sheet surface printing

● Medicinal desiccant surface printing

●Disposable paper tableware and dish paper printing

●Children’s toy surface printing

●Cookies/noodles surface printing


Black、White、Red、Yellow、Blue、Dark blue、Green, color customizable.


Operation and Safety

●The ink contains solvents, maintain ventilation during operation.

●Shake well before use, store the unspent ink in plastic buckets. In case of rust, avoid using the steel container.

●In order to avoid the influence caused by mixture of different ink , the equipment should be cleaned before using.


●Keep away from fire and heat source

●Sealed, keep in the cool and dry conditions

 Disposable paper tableware
 Disposable paper tableware
 Children’s toy  
 Child toy

 Medicinal desiccant  

 For medicinal purposes drying agent  

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Contact Us

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