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Egg Printing Solution


       After the implementation of the new national standard for eggs, more and more manufacturers have sprayed identification marks on eggs, providing company, brand trademark, origin, nutritional content, grade, date, batch number and other information, so that consumers can understand relevant information when buying eggs. The safety of egg coding ink has attracted attention. Because eggshells and egg inner membranes have pores, if the printing patterns on the eggshells are not removed in time, the ink will infiltrate during the cooking process. Ordinary inks can cause damage to the body. Edible ink (egg inkjet ink) can completely eliminate the worries of consumers. The use of edible ink for egg inkjet is the general trend.

       Our company is one of the earliest edible ink production approvals in China. It has been specialized in the research and development, production and sales of edible inks for nearly ten years. It has a safety-certified edible ink invention patent; it has a strong technical reserve and provides solutions for customers. Can meet the needs of adapting its products. What's more worth mentioning is that Wuhan Keyihua edible ink is independently researched and developed, and the color is richer. There are four colors of red, purple, blue and green, which can meet your needs for differentiated marketing and personalized brand promotion.

       Egg coding ink:

(1) Edible small-character coding ink: four colors of red, purple, blue and green are suitable for general egg coding.

(2) Food-grade small-character coding ink: There are four colors of red, purple, blue and green, especially suitable for coding fresh eggs.

(3) Edible high-resolution coding ink: red, purple, blue, and green are available for coding eggs with complex patterns.

Relying on Wuhan Keyihua's comprehensive service and technical support, you can quickly start the egg coding business and obtain an ideal return on investment.

       Coding ink solutions:

(1) Small character coding scheme

Features: Form a dot matrix on the surface of the egg, which is especially suitable for printing batch numbers, logos, product names, expiration dates, numbers and other text, numbers or simple graphics.


①A coding scheme suitable for independent egg factories

With an investment of 40,000 yuan, you can start the egg coding business and help you promote your brand image.


The printing speed of this set of programs: determined by the single-line slot type coding auxiliary device, 0-28m/min.

Generally, it can meet the daily coding demand of 0-30,000 eggs, but this scheme requires the eggs to be placed in a single-line trough type auxiliary equipment, which is labor intensive.

        ②A coding scheme suitable for medium-sized egg factories

With an investment of 55,000 yuan, you can start the egg coding business and help you promote your brand image.


The printing speed of this set of programs: the printing speed reaches 15,000 eggs/hour. The whole egg tray is spray coded, saving labor cost and improving production efficiency.

        ③A coding scheme suitable for large egg factories

         To meet your high-volume needs.


The printing speed of the program: 30,000 eggs/hour. Purchase coding equipment to achieve (2) high resolution coding scheme

        Features: Spray high-definition printing fonts on the surface of eggs, especially suitable for printing complex pictures such as various trademark patterns.


Invest 50,000 yuan to start the egg coding business and help you promote your brand image.


Little knowledge of egg inkjet coding:

        If you are not at ease, you need to remove the code on the eggshell, you can wipe it with white wine or vinegar, and then rinse with water to remove it.

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