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Model: Natural pigment ink (100ml)
Brand: kyhink

Natural pigment ink(100ml)

Edible natural ink is made of natural plant extracts as raw materials. It has high nutritional value, natural color, safe and environmentally friendly. Natural ink has bright colors, strong coloring ability, good fluency, no nozzle blockage, and excellent printing performance. It meets food-related standards, and food manufacturers can use it with confidence. At present, it is widely used in online printing of assembly line patterns such as biscuits, cakes, candies, ice cream, etc., and is deeply loved by Internet retail brand customers. It not only makes products unique, but also creates differentiated competition. Through different pattern performance, such as some popular emoticons, corporate LOGO, brand IP personality on the biscuits, etc., add interest to the product, harvest a large number of fans, and double the sales of the product.
Product Description
1. Application characteristics of edible natural inkjet ink:
1. Applicable models: Canon, HP, Epson, coffee latte machines, A3/A4 flatbed printers, industrial online food printing equipment, etc. based on inkjet printing technology.
2. Application areas: DIY personalized pattern printing for cakes, cakes, biscuits, drinks, icing paper, chocolate transfer film, etc.
3. Safety: All ingredients are edible, non-toxic and harmless to human body.
4. Good smooth performance: After 0.22μm high-efficiency filter, printing is smooth without blocking the nozzle.
5. Good printing effect: good color fixing performance, clear writing, no bleeding, no burrs, and bright colors.
2. Main ingredients of edible natural inkjet ink:
   This product is made of natural plant pigments such as gardenia yellow, gardenia blue, beet red, flavor, glycerin, water and other medicinal auxiliary materials as raw materials, and is a food additive.
3. Color classification of edible natural inkjet ink:
   According to the color of the product, it is divided into black, yellow , magenta, light magenta, blue, light blue, There are 7 kinds of coffee color, the first four colors are a group, and the coffee color is a single color. Professional color matching services can also be provided according to customer requirements.
4. Product specifications of edible natural inkjet ink:
   100mL, 500mL,
5. Precautions for edible natural inkjet ink:
1. Please clean the ink circuit of the printer with pure water before use;
2. The shelf life of this product is one year;
3. It should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated, shaded and cool place at 0-30℃;
 4. Do not store together with chemical substances and harmful substances to prevent moisture and keep away from heat sources.
Product Parameters




It is a fluid viscous liquid with uniform color, no lumps, mildew, and no foreign impurities visible to the naked eye.


No special smell, with slight fragrance





Viscosity (cp)


Surface tension (mN/m)


Heavy metals (mg/kg)


Arsenic (mg/kg)


Microbial Limit

Number of bacteria (≤1000cfu/g)

Solid content determination

Number of molds and yeasts (≤100cfu)


Escherichia coli (none)


Salmonella (none)


100ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle

Food additives


Shading, airtight, store in a cool and dry place

Product Description
饼干打印 糕点打印 雪糕打印 照片糖应用

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