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Model: Speed Industrial Food Printer(FP-511)
Brand: kyhink

Speed Industrial Food Printer(FP-511)

Full-automatic candy printer is used for printing on any size and any shape for characters, images on empty hard capsule, filled capsule, soft capsules and tablets. It is compact in structure and easy to operate. With good printing effects, high-speed printing, clear and equal image printing, quickly dry writing. It is used for single-side and single-color printing, and widely used by medicine and food industry.
Product Features
 It is suitable for printing on different shapes of biscuits, cakes, ice cream and other surface graphics, with strong product adaptability;

●Independently researched and developed food printing graphics output system to realize online switching and printing of graphics and text;

●8mm inner depth printing, suitable for high-precision printing of flat, curved and concave surfaces;

●Line speed up to 75m/min;

●Designed in accordance with the 24-hour*7-day production operation mode, with strong durability;

●The whole machine adopts modular design, which is more convenient and quick to maintain;

●Fast response speed, seamless order change;

●Automatic ink supply, automatic air supply balance;
Device parameters




300*600dpi   75m/min  

600*600dpi   50m/min

Print width


Print mode

Monochrome (edible ink)

Food grade ink supply system

The ink supply link is designed according to the food industry standard, single-head independent ink supply, no ink, high safety

External interface and fault check

Built-in computer, and can self-check and alarm

Electricity requirements

AC 220v  50/60Hz

Gas supply requirements

6-8Kpa,Clean or dry



body *22*50cm    18kg


Nose 60*30*55cm     14kg

Product Applications
Cookie print

Pastry print


Brother Companies



Contact Us

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