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Model: FP-542
Brand: Foodprinting®

Speed Industrial Food Printer FP-542

Our speed industrial food printer is designed for the edible printing solution of food manufacturer. The max printing speed is 75m/min. We have FDA, SGS certificates and food production for our Inkcare® edible ink, so our edible ink is safe to human body.

Product Description
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Macaroon printing


A set of online food graphic printing solutions supporting food production line production, high-precision
RICOH G5 nozzles, powerful EKINDE output softwareSimple industrial integrated design, simple operation,
adjustable speed and low noise, providing customized inkjet solutions for all kinds of food surface printing.


• Digital online high speed print, 75 meters per minute, stable performance, simple operation
• Suitable for different shapes of biscuits, ice sucker, ice cream and other surface pattern printing, product adaptability
• Support for different type item, clear print pattern, Easily customize all kinds of graphics and present your creativity
• Comes with function of low temperature storage ink.

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Technical Details:

Print efficiency 300*300dpi  75m/min
600*300dpi  50m/min
900*300dpi  30m/min
Spray-head model Food grade inkjet print head
Print width 108mm (According to your requirments to adjustable)
Ink Edible ink
Color Multi color & Single color
Print accuracy 600dpi
Food grade edible ink system The ink supply system is design according to food industry standard, single
head to supply ink. (1、ink cartridge is designed with constant temperature
protection device;2、ink supply route has automatic washing function which
meet food industry standard;3、Ink systems will automatic return ink when the
equipment close down;)
External connection and fault check Equipped with computer, with the function for fault self-check alarm
Weight 260kg
Size 1500*1400*850mm

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