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Model: Speed Industrial Food Printer(FP-642)
Brand: kyhink
Code: SY-FP-642

Speed Industrial Food Printer(FP-642)

Full-automatic candy printer is used for printing on any size and any shape for characters, images on empty hard capsule, filled capsule, soft capsules and tablets. It is compact in structure and easy to operate. With good printing effects, high-speed printing, clear and equal image printing, quickly dry writing. It is used for single-side and single-color printing, and widely used by medicine and food industry.
Product Features
●Using large touch screen, easy to operate
●Edible ink, safe, and can be checked
●Double-head module, four-color printing
●Digital online high-speed printing, up to 75m/min
●Mass production, diversified patterns
●Automatic cleaning, automatic ink return
●Independent ink supply system
●The sensor automatically detects and locates

Advantages of high-speed food printer equipment: The high-speed line food printer (FP-642) uses double-head module printing and four-color (multi-color) color printing. Directly embedded in the biscuit and pastry production line, high-speed printing. It is widely applicable to inkjet printing of various types of food such as biscuit online printing (printing), ice cream printing, candy printing, pastry printing (printing) marshmallow printing, etc., to meet the ever-evolving food value consumption needs of the food industry and consumers.
Product parameter
Device model


Nozzle model

Food grade printing nozzle


Printing output

300*300dpi  75m/min

600*300dpi  50m/min

900*300dpi  30m/min

Print width

Print width


Edible inkjet ink



Nozzle accuracy


Food grade ink supply system

The ink supply system is designed in accordance with the food industry standard, and single-head independent ink supply (the ink cartridge needs to be designed with a constant temperature protection device or the ink circuit has an automatic cleaning function according to the needs of the food industry, equipment shutdown, and ink return function)

External interface and fault check

Built-in power supply, fault self-check and alarm

Product Applications

Brother Companies



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