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Company Profile

                                                           Keyihua Aerial View                                     Guanggu Headquarters International

         Wuhan Keyihua Science & Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. It is a science and technology enterprise who specializes in scientific research and development, production, sales. The company is located in the Guanggu Avenue, East Lake High-Tech Zone, Wuhan, China.

        At the beginning of the company's establishment, we cooperated with Wuhan UniversityAnd after more than a year's research, we successfully developed the first edible ink which can replace the import ink. Our edible ink was identified by Hubei Province Science and Technology Achievements in 2008, and obtained the approval certificate of Hubei Province Food Products in the same year. In the year of 2011, the company and Wuhan University together developed the technology of edible capsule printing ink which was recognized as the major scientific and technological achievements of Hubei province. Due to the unique formula, the ink has good adhesion, good initial dry performance and obtained the edible medical ink national invention patent license in 2013 (patent no. : ZL 2011 1 0003402.3), Keyihua is the first professional manufacturer of edible ink in China.

        The company is also actively carries out the school enterprise cooperation. It builds the research and development platform.it is the awarded signboard unit of academician workstation and doctor workstation. It has cooperation projects with Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Huazhong Agricultural University and Tianjin University. At present, our company has obtained several invention patents.it is the station unit of Hubei Academician Workstation. After nearly 10 years development and accumulation, Keyihua not only occupied a larger market share in the capsule printing ink market, but also developed screen printing ink, spray printing ink, flexographic printing ink and other types of printing ink which is applicable to different printing ways. Our edible ink can be widely used in letter and pattern printing of egg, fruit, candy.the market prospect is very broad.

        Edible membrane technology is the latest achievements which was researched developed by our company. It also has an unique technological advantage in domestic. It has been applied for National Invention Patent (Under review, the application No.: 201610895400.2), widely used in food industry. It can be used as printing bearing , packing material or to be made into packaging bags. Our company has made samples of star lollipop, colorful cake film, instant drink packaging, oil bag, which attracted much attention in March 2017 FIC and admired by the Dr Yan who is the R&D director from Chinese Academy of Sciences microbiology institute technology transfer center.

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Contact Us

   info@kyhink.com
  +86 13396099667(WhatsApp)
   +86-027-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China

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