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Wuhan Keyihua S&T Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 2006, it is an innovative technology company in the food industry. It is committed to the R&D, production and sales of edible food printer equipment, edible ink, and edible paper, providing customers with effective, healthy and safe food printing DIY solutions and services in the food field.

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  • Edible Markers Used in Food Decoration

    You ever think about painting some patterns or just some meaningless free lines on your favorite food and still eat it? That is amazing, isn' t it? Just like you create your exclusive food by your hands, finishing a design belong to yourself.That’s really achievable if you use our edible pens.

  • Warmly Welcome to FIC 2022 Exhibition (Booth No. 21M68) to Know More New Food Printers

    Invitation of Food Ingredients China 2022 (FIC) Aug 16-18, 2022Exhibitor: Wuhan Keyihua S&T Co.,Ltd. 武汉科亿华科技有限公司Booth No. 21M68Address: Area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, ChinaNew products on display, and warmly welcome new and regular customers to visit the booth for negoti

  • Healthy And Safe Edible Ink Pens For Food Decoration And Kids DIY

    Amazing edible pen.Believe that most students are in the habit of biting written, especially small children and bite in this behavior is not very healthy, our company invented edible pen, edible ink pen to use healthy environmental protection non-toxic, responsible for children's health, at the same

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01 Decades of development exprience
 Leading the world in the development of edible inks, with a certificate of conformity;
  High reputation in the industry with customers;
02 Diversified application of edible ink
Obtained a patent for creative edible inks;
 Our range of products is available in 5 printing modes. Other brands are only available in 1-2 print modes;
03 Provide technical support and services
 Gradually improve the quality requirements of processing technology and products, and develop for different needs of different product types;
 Our products can also be customized according to the special needs of customers;

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