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Cake Printing Solution



The technical difficulties in the field of edible digital printing of cookies are the inability to use synthetic pigments, the need for fast production, and the stacking of biscuits. At present, the key to solve the speed problem is the adoption of Foodart® high-speed food printer. In addition, we solve the printing difficulties in various production environments of customers through a number of technologies such as swatch and sharding, and have accumulated a wealth of biscuit production line printing solutions.


Type of applicable pastry:

Toughness biscuit, soda biscuit, thin crisp biscuit, cookie, sandwich biscuit, wafer biscuit, ice cream cone, all kinds of functional biscuit, coarse grain biscuit, molar biscuit, frosting biscuit and all kinds of innovative products, etc.


How to combine with the food digital printing technology and your pastry product?

1. Your food can be printed with holiday themes to promote sales in festivals to add creativity and fun into celebrating activities;
2. If your food are a kind of local special snack or saled in themed park, it can be printed with some local scenic spot icons or theme sign pictures. That will attract waves of visitors to taste and buy it for gift;
3. Food Products can be printed with cute cartoon pictures to decorate and beautify the originally common appearances. Your food will be unique and personalized;
4. Your products can be printed with the wedding element patterns or blessings, exclusively supplied for the all kinds of wedding celebrating activities;
5. Your food can be printed your company brand elements to strenthen branding impression;
6. The different flavors food can be printed with different mark images for identitying the flavors and decorating.

For bakery:

It is simple that you make a beautiful art cookie, by using an inkjet printer and edible ink.
1. Printing makes cookie looks more interesting. That will be more attractive to customer's attention.
2. Food printing will build brand recognition to impress customers. It will help customers to remember your brand when they eat. It is also a new advertising way.

Cake Printing-beautiful image on the surface of cake


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