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Company News

  • Our brother company was repoerted by China Central Television!

    The 133rd Canton Fair, which lasted for 5 days from May 1 to 5, came to a successful end. The foreign trade team of Kyhink brought food printers, plant printing materials and other products to the exhibition. The field not only got a lot of orders, but also was invited to participate in the li

  • Uncover the secret chocolate printers for the baking industry!

    Chocolate, macarons, cakes, pastries because of its delicious and delicious, rich variety, suitable for all ages, rapid development in the food industry, there are Chinese pastries and Western pastries, more favored among teenagers, but there is no breakthrough in the appearance of beauty, mos

  • Kyhink edible ink is paired with a food printer to easily realize three-dimensional coloring of cartoon 3D pastries

    In the Chinese food market, food companies keep up with consumer trends in order to achieve product innovation, so some of the dolls and cartoon animals loved by the public in the market are often used to make pastries, marshmallows, etc., so that the food is more beautiful and more interesting, and

  • Kyhink on the surface of food, and the taste is clear at a glance!

    Don't eat pork, love to eat beef, but choose the product is always wrong, why not put a mark on the product, so that people can see at a glance, so that customers can choose conveniently. In order to solve the problem of product identification, food enterprises can use Wuhan Keyihua Co., Ltd. c

  • How to make your product customized?

    The newly upgraded A4 desktop food inkjet printer, small size, placed in the operation table or reception desk can be used, if you are a bakery, want to draw eyes on the surface of the food and the nose is afraid of poor effect, you can use this A4 desktop food inkjet printer to replace the manual.

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Contact Us

   info@kyhink.com
   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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