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  • How prints is fuzzy to manage?

    When prints is fuzzy, possibly is because the printing ink is too thin or prints the rubber tire to be too soft, but the pressure causes oversized. Because if the printing ink is too thin causes, then joins the new printing ink. If because of prints the rubber tire to be too soft, but the pressure causes oversized, then trades the hard rubber tire and adjusts the small pressure
  • How on the product doesn't the India on character manage?

     The increase printing ink, the doctor, causes the computer to be at the normal operating condition.
  • Whether to provide many kinds of colors to mix approves?

    We may provide many kinds of colors to mix approve, but each kind of color's order quantity must be bigger than 1 kilogram
  • How appears flies the ink to manage?

    The computer speed is excessively quickly, the appropriate readjustment computer print speed, or the printing ink viscosity is low, adds the original ink agitation to be even.
  • On after capsule India good character, always falls, how to solve?

    Three kind of possibility situation. The first kind, printing ink itself to capsule adhesion difference. Trades other high adhesions the printing ink, this kind of situation will not appear generally on ours product the second kind, the gelatin contains oil Gao Huotuo the molding oil to be many. The solution uses other easily to volatilize escapes the molding oil. The third kind, the process was wrong. Polishes first, will present the character possibly in the printing the situation. Must print first, then polishing is the correct process.
  • Me printed the capsule printing to be too shallow, has debugged very many times, also has added the printing ink, has not solved, how to manage?

    Was possibly on your steel die's etching place has been blocked, or the steel die wore. The first kind of situation easy to solve, you scoured the steel die to be possible. The second kind of situation, you only could exchange the steel die.
  • On the type wheel the shaving knife one will wear, will trade specially frequently, was where has the problem?

    Should be you adjusts the excess pressure idea, the shaving knife and the printing steel wheel contact pressure is oversized, causes the attrition to be too quick. Recommendation pressure setting to leaving the plant time pressure.
  • The printing ink may eat?

    You said the printing ink should be the industry printing ink, that cannot eat. Our company produces is may the edible printing ink, passed National Food And so on Related Department to examine, had the file to be possible to prove.

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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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