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  • Healthy And Safe Edible Ink Pens For Food Decoration And Kids DIY

    Amazing edible pen.Believe that most students are in the habit of biting written, especially small children and bite in this behavior is not very healthy, our company invented edible pen, edible ink pen to use healthy environmental protection non-toxic, responsible for children's health, at the same

  • Edible ink, put on new clothes for the Christmas apple

    Hello everyone, I am an apple .Recently I encountered a little trouble. People say that I do not wear new clothes. So I put on new clothes

  • You may know, but the edible pen was already invented?

    The trust will be very many human to have nips writing skill this bad custom. But we use the ordinary pen, cannot after all edible, will sometimes not note will also swallow the words between lips. In view of this kind of situation, some people invented one kind to be possible the edible pen. Because Egypt Huo Wen designs institute's student Dai Wuhan to be willing Si only to be at first wants to make a convenience mastication, and the hygienic writing skill, afterward he detected 90% pens after the printing ink uses up is discarded by the people, therefore he wants to study one section to be possible by the completely edible pen. When starts, he has collected many type pens, how studies to cause it to gnaw well. Afterward, he has made 3 different models, then he began to test the different type candy, the intention has discovered the best taste. After screens many times, he has made a peppermint taste final model. He uses the candy cannot stick on other objects, also not because the hand perspiration or the hand is warm

  • But edible plastic bag - - change world black science and technology!

    A section does not have the pollution completely, but edible plastic bag. Indian little elder brother Ashwath Hedge has spent the entire 4 years, runs into a wall innumerably, experiments hundred materials, has done over a thousand experiments, he has detected the best raw material and the formula proportion finally: The sweet potato, the corn, the potato and so on natural starch, carries on the allocated proportion with the vegetable oil derivative, 12 materials, may completely the entrance edible. The production process also achieves the absolute environmental protection, plastic bag printing uses may the edible printing ink. This is really, does not have the jeopardy to be possible completely edible printing ink printing. To takes shape finally from the production, 100% are one section may edible “organic food”. Last February, when the little elder brother is taking this section of revolutionary innovative product, appears in Qatar's national environmental protection date, each country's Environmental protection department seethed with excitement. Daily India produces the plastic reject reaches as high as 15000 tons, including

  • Wuhan Keyihua S&T Co.Ltd.attended"The Academician Expert Workstation" award ceremony.

    Does everybody has the detection, now very many dining rooms have removed the dinner table table cloth, exchanges holds the coil paper, creates the propaganda for the enterprise, facilitates artisticly…

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   info@kyhink.com
  +86 13396099667(WhatsApp)
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    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China

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