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Candy Printing Solution

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       Do you just want to print colors on the candy? How can a dull and uninteresting product gain attention? The edible candy printing ink developed by Wuhan Keyihua has obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Candy printing ink is widely used in the printing process of chocolate beans, myliss, tablet candies, chewing gum, tablet candies, lollipops and other fields. It is a kind of non-hazardous to human body and no pollution to the environment. It is suitable for gravure printing. The edible ink, food ink is safe and edible. Good printing effect and quality have been well received by users! We not only provide edible ink consumable materials, but also a series of food printer equipment such as candy ink printer and M bean printer.


       Candy printing ink:

       Candy printing ink helps you provide professional customized candies and realize the new function of "candy + corporate LOGO/ QR code + mobile Internet":

       (1) Brand candies and the company LOGO is printed on the candies to deepen the brand impression;

       (2) To promote sugar, a QR code is printed on the sugar slice, and the business card information can be displayed by scanning the code;

       (3) Commemorative candy, the moment worth remembering is printed on the candy tablet, and shared with friends and relatives;

       (4) Fun sweets, funny texts are printed on the sweets to enhance consumers' desire to buy.

       (5) Ordinary candy has become a "multimedia flyer" for customers to promote themselves.


       Wuhan Keyihua Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic edible ink manufacturer. It has obtained the national approval for the production of capsule printing inks. It has invention patents for edible inks. It is the authorized unit of Hubei Academician Expert Workstation and has in-depth cooperation with many domestic universities. Has developed a good level of edible ink series, which can provide customers with complete printing solutions to meet the needs of different types of products.


       Candy ink solutions:


      With an investment of about 70,000 yuan, you can start the candy printing business, helping you to attract consumers and achieve ideal returns. The efficiency is as follows:

chocolate beans
candy 5mm≤9-10 million grains/hour
9mm≤6.5-8 million grains/hour
chewing gum 12mm≤55,000 grains/hour
pill 24mm≤35,000 grains/hour


Benefits of candy ink solutions:

(1) Boasting eyeballs, attracting more attention;

(2) Share and forward fun candy emoticons to bring customers flow for enterprises;

(3) The cost is low, much lower than other advertising costs.


         Application of candy printing ink:


       The colorful candy decorations, don’t you be tempted? The company provides a full set of food printing solutions, edible inks and printing equipment solutions for different candy surface printing, welcome to inquire!

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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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