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Drink topper makes a better sale to your drink!

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      The sense of ritual in life requires a beverage float to fill.

      Beverage floating sheets, also known as beverage decorative sheets, print edible patterns on candy sheets and can be used for various drinks such as coffee, milk tea, milk, juice, beer, etc., adding a full sense of ceremony to the drinks.

      The creativity and diversity of Kyhink are all based on sustainable development and food safety. Our beverage floating sheets provide a new track for various tea and light food enterprises to optimize product iteration and increase sales: the collision between beverage floating sheets and beverages can meet consumers' infinite imagination of beverages and stimulate purchasing behavior.

      In terms of variety, the color scheme of the beverage float is dazzling, with bright and colorful "petals" that seem to have a strong floral aroma, and the mood also becomes colorful; With the trendy and cool fashion elements of Generation, holding a glass adorned with beverage floating sheets, catching up with a trend and becoming the focus of the crowd; There are various celebrations and festival elements, to this grand event, let's drink Good guy, it seems that all the beautiful elements have been gathered in the float of the beverage. We put each "pattern" into the cup holder, and under the light, the gold foil glitters, reaching out to the stars and the sea.

      In terms of specifications, the beverage floating sheets are packaged in safe aluminum cans, with multiple layers of sealing and good sealing performance. A single can of 50 pieces, which cannot be used up at once and can be sealed for storage. Using an air suction rod for extraction, contactless and safer. The whole box of gift packaging, for personal use or as a gift, is of high quality. Tea drinking enterprises can prepare a piece for customers, whether it is for store sales or pre-packaging.

      In terms of value, beverage floating pieces are constantly replaced based on dynamic principles, creating completely different graphic content with the same shape, conveying extremely positive emotions, allowing consumers to think of their own stories while enjoying the beverage, creating more storytelling content for the beverage, and improving artistic quality to help customers increase product sales.

There are traces of everything beautiful about life and beverage floaters.

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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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