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Edible Ink for Printing Sausage Casings

Casing printing ink is specially developed and produced for casing printing, which provides a safer and healthier printing method for food and its outer packaging. It is widely used in food printing fields such as protein casing and fiber casing. It is an alcohol soluble ink without harm to human body and pollution to the environment. It is suitable for flexographic printing.
  • 1kg

  • Inkcare®

1. Colors


The edible ink for printing sausage casings can be divided into four colors: black, white, red, and coffee. 

It is avaliable to custom other colors according to customer's special requirements.

                           custom colors          


2. Packing Specifications


1Kg/bottle, 20 bottles/box.


3. Cautions


1. Shake the ink well before use.

2. The shelf life of this product is one year.

3. The storage should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse free of mice and flies at 5~35℃. It should not be stored in the open air, and it should not be stored together with chemical substances and harmful substances. It should be kept away from moisture and heat.

4. The remaining ink should be packed in plastic buckets, avoid using iron buckets to prevent rust.

4. Features

● Mainly applied to print the surfaces of all types of sausage casings with edible logo, images, emojis and so on, in order to make the product beautified and branded.  


● The edible ink doesn't fade when cooking sausage


● All ingredients are edible and meet the relevant standards of food additives


● The good transfer performance and stability for Ink printing can be printed continuously, Which is high production efficiency


● Bright colors, clear prints, strong coloring power, good adhesion, high gloss, water and oil resistance


● The color is divided into 4 kinds of black, white, red and brown, and professional color matching service can also be provided according to customer requirements



Note: Shake the ink well before use




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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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