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Fruit Printing Solution

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    When holidays such as Christmas and New Year come, "festive fruits" with festive patterns and blessing words are on the market "high-profile" in fruit shops and shopping malls. Due to their novel creativity and auspicious meaning, these apples are worth much higher than ordinary apples, but Still very popular. In the past, most of these printing fruits used the printing method. With the development of edible ink from the medical field to the food field, more and more customers have realized the role and value of edible ink in the field of fruit printing.


    Apple printing ink (fruit printing ink)

    Apple printing ink (fruit printing ink) can quickly print the implied apples and various fruits that meet the scene according to customer needs. There are many patterns to choose from, the printing cost is lower than the traditional printing process, and the safety is guaranteed, and it can be mass produced. At the same time, it is equipped with Apple pad printer and two-color Apple printer equipment.


1. Application characteristics of edible ink

1. The main application areas of apple printing ink: Fruit and fruit surface printing, such as orange, orange, apple, pear, mango, melon, watermelon and other surface printing and creative patterns.

2. Apple printing ink is environmentally friendly: using alcohol as a thinner, low cost and environmentally friendly.

3. Apple printing ink safety: all ingredients are made of food-grade raw materials, which fully meet the requirements of food production and use.

4. Apple printing ink has strong mechanical adaptability: ink printing transfer performance and stability are good, ink adaptability is excellent, fineness is good, and it does not damage the substrate and the squeegee.

5. Apple printing ink has good printing effect, high adhesion, good fixing performance, clear writing, no bleeding, no burrs, smooth coating film and bright colors.


2. Classification of edible ink products

    According to the color of the product, Apple printing inks are divided into seven types: black, white, red, yellow, blue, dark blue, and green. Professional color matching services can also be provided according to customer requirements.


3. Matters needing attention in edible ink

1. Shake the ink well before use.

2. The shelf life of this product is one year.

3. The storage should be in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse free of rodents and flies at 5—35°C. It should not be stored in the open air, and should not be stored together with chemical substances and harmful substances to prevent moisture and keep away from heat sources.

4. The remaining edible ink should be packed in plastic buckets, avoid using iron buckets to prevent rust.、


    We provide solutions:


    Invest about 10,000 yuan to start the fruit printing business, helping you increase the added value of fruit and achieve ideal returns. 1KG ink can print 50000-60000 apples.


    The difference between fruit printing and fruit printing



    Wuhan Keyihua Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of edible inks in China. It has obtained the production approval for capsule printing inks issued by the state. It has invention patents for edible inks. It is the authorized unit of Hubei Academician Expert Workstation and many famous universities in China. With in-depth cooperation, we have developed an edible ink series with advanced technology, which can provide customers with complete printing solutions to meet the needs of different types of products.



    Warm reminder: buy edible inks, look for food production licenses, direct sales from Keyihua factory, support free proofing, ink custom color mixing, trustworthy!

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