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How does a food printer prints ice cream/ice cream?

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      Not being a brand means having no strength; Products are the king, without which there is no core competitiveness and can only accelerate the speed of elimination; Without marketing, there will be no younger customers. Here we recommend to you a good project that combines brand, product, and marketing, our DIY ice product printing solution.

Scenario 1: Enterprises will be invited to sponsor events such as the Winter Olympics, Olympic Games, and Marathon. How can ice products companies spend money to achieve good publicity results? By using digital spray printing technology to print themed icons and create customized ice cream that sets off the atmosphere of the competition, and through advertising and word-of-mouth communication among consumers, brand recognition can be gained even more.

Scenario 2: The perfect combination of current events, major events, hot news, and online cultural elements with the product, through continuous visual stimulation, increases market activity, and more adheres to consumers. From studying consumers to understanding consumers better, we aim to become a brand that understands life better.

Scenario 3: Print movie online posters on cinema ice cabinet products for cross-border cooperation promotion; Ice cream with the image of Ai Dou displayed at concerts, variety shows, etc; Selling ice products at scenic spots such as the Forbidden City and printing cultural content with regional characteristics; Combined with online and offline publicity such as Tiktok, the marketing effect can be magnified several times.

Scenario 4: How can supermarkets, dealers and vending machine counters sell good sales? The combination of puzzle, education, cartoon elements and products is more suitable for household consumption and purchase. It's not difficult to innovate a new flavor of ice cream, but the challenge is how to make consumers see your differences at a glance. Competition is differentiated, and profits are differentiated.

     The drawback of DIY food is that it must be handmade, with a small production volume, and must also have food production qualifications when sold in the market. Enterprises with production qualifications must have equipment support for automated and mass production.

     In order to achieve automation, industrial mass production, and sales of DIY food. We have developed a high-speed food printer that provides matching natural ingredient ink for the ice product field, ensuring safety and health. Currently, multiple companies have successfully launched DIY ice products and received praise from customers.


At present, new products for high-speed food printers have been released. Welcome to inquire!

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