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Icecream Printing Solution

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Icecream Printing Solution

Wuhan Kyhink company is committed to becoming a DIY food printing expert. It is a supplier of food printing solutions for food enterprises. It is a science and technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales service in the field of online food inkjet printing.

DIY food printing technology is to print various creative patterns on the surface of food through industrial online food printer equipment, embedded in ice cream production line and using edible ink. With the emergence of DIY food printing technology, inspiration reproduction has become a reality, unlimited creativity has been realized, and it has become easier to create original products and high face value products. There are thousands of ways to open the beauty filter with one button and improve the product grade, so as to help ice cream manufacturers realize product differentiation and make your products different.

In the era of personalized consumption, how to carry out product innovation has become an important issue for enterprise decision-makers. Many ice cream and ice cream enterprises upgrade their products on the packaging of selected raw materials, resulting in serious homogenization competition. The online printing (production line) graphic printing technology of ice cream is adopted to combine the appearance innovation and new marketing mode without changing the taste and shape of ice cream.

In the era of traffic, beauty consumption, knowledge value and creative value are paid more and more attention.

(1) The creation of high-quality products and series becomes simple. Small yellow man series and pirate king series can help you lock in consumers;

(2) Festival elements make your products different;

(3) Personalized customization to meet the consumption needs of lovers and gifts;

(5) Logo printing, our own ice cream, marked with our own logo;

(6) Other marketing customized solutions to meet various DIY needs;

(7) Illustrated, delicious and fun, but also to help you do marketing.

Printing on the surface of ice cream is a cartoon element rich in personality characteristics, combined with playful network language, which is encouragement, motto and attitude. It fits with the style loved by young people and meets the consumption needs of young people who love the trend. Each has the potential to become a net red ice cream.

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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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