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Inkjet printing ink for small character

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Ink application purpose

An alcohol-water mixed base edible printing ink used on medicine and dietary supplement of oral solids or packages of them, to achieve the purpose of brand safety traceability.

Applicable machine

Domestic small character inkjet printing machine, partial import inkjet printing machine.

Ink preparation 

The ink contains liquid dispersions of insoluble particles, so it must be re-dispersed well before using.

For optimal dispersion effect, vigorous shaking by hand or with an industrial paint-style shaker should be applied for two minutes.

A sealed new bottle of ink is recommended for each batch printing, add new ink when there is a necessary due to the solvent inherent evaporation influenced the printing effects.

In-Process Adjustments

The ink contains volatile solvents which evaporated throughout the printing operation .Both viscosity and electrical conductivity changed due to the volatile solvent, so adjustments of the ink throughout the printing operation is required. A skilled operator must closely monitor the process and adjust the ink to maintain the required printing quality. 

Diluents adjustment

The ink commonly contains a combination of the following solvents, (according to the order of decreased evaporation rates), ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, water. These can be added alone or in combination to adjust the ink viscosity and optimize printing effects. It is highly recommended that only to adjust the inks with solvents which already contained in the formula.

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