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Kyhink edible ink is paired with a food printer to easily realize three-dimensional coloring of cartoon 3D pastries

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       In the Chinese food market, food companies keep up with consumer trends in order to achieve product innovation, so some of the dolls and cartoon animals loved by the public in the market are often used to make pastries, marshmallows, etc., so that the food is more beautiful and more interesting, and many people are willing to pay for it. This kind of 3D stereoscopic pastry food is generally made by a three-dimensional mold, the prepared raw materials are introduced into the mold to form, and then poured out, but after pouring out, there is basically only the shape, and the 3D stereoscopic pastry food coloring cannot be completed in the mold, so the eyes and nose or clothes of this 3D pastry food made by the 3D mold are indistinguishable. Therefore, using the food printer of Kyhink Technology and matching the edible ink of different colors of Kyhink to decorate the eyes, nose, clothes, etc. of 3D three-dimensional pastries and other foods can make the image of 3D three-dimensional food more concrete, and make the characters, animals or scenery that the 3D model wants to express vivid.

       The use of Kyhink food printer and edible ink for 3D surface three-dimensional shape of food coloring, is also simpler, no manual drawing, greatly saving labor costs, Kyhink food printer is more accurate, richer color, is used by many food production enterprises for food decoration, and Kyhink food printer uses edible ink is the material used to make food, are edible, plant extracts, natural health, with food production license, FDA certification, Third-party test report and a number of invention patents. Kyhink food coloring ink is also produced in strict accordance with national food standards, in a clean factory, safe and non-toxic and edible! Kyhink food digital printing machine has become an indispensable equipment for innovation in the food industry.



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