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What kind of food contact printing can be used for hamburger paper or tea bags?

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      The earth is the home of human beings, and white pollution has caused great pressure on the environment. Food packaging commonly used plastics because of its easy molding, low price and other characteristics by the industry overuse, enterprise economic development is a hundred years, but buried plastics need 200-400 years to be naturally decomposed, short-term interests endanger the future survival, because plastic pollution will hinder the growth of crops, livestock eaten, light cause digestive diseases, heavy death. Therefore, in the design, material selection, use and recycling of food packaging, we must fully consider the harm caused to the environment and try to avoid it.

Under the policy regulation of plastic restriction order, in recent years, food contact grade green packaging materials, economic benefits multiplied, the safety of packaging materials more need the safety of printing methods escort, traditional industrial printing has not met production regulations, we specialize in the development and production of edible and food contact grade ink/ink, matching the development of a variety of models of food printing machines, for the food industry to provide safer printing methods, for consumers to provide zero burden of foodie experience.


Combination Product : high-speed casing printing machine + edible ink/food contact grade ink

High-speed casing printing machine:

It solves the problem of color printing on the surface of coils and rolls in the food field, multi-color accurate overprinting, fast speed, and is widely used in casings, tea bags, paper straws, etc. Supporting safe edible inks and food contact grade inks to create product differentiation and personalization, and help enhance the competitiveness of food production enterprises.



1. It is suitable for casings, roll paper and other food industry belt printing

2. High-speed rotary printing, high efficiency

3. Accurate color registration, can be double-sided printing, good printing effect

4. The pattern is colorful and does not fade when cooked

5. Long service life, simple maintenance, customized equipment according to speed, roll film tightening, etc

Milk tea shops, fast food, burger restaurants, etc. with paper straws, dinner plate paper can also be printed with edible ink, printing logos on paper straws, doing cultural creativity has innovative significance, our edible ink solves the safety problem of paper straw contact with food and beverages, ink does not migrate, migration does not affect health, because all components of edible ink can be edible.


      If the printing on the straw must use edible ink, then printing on the casing can have a variety of options, if it is a protein casing edible without peeling must use edible ink, if it is a fiber casing to peel before eating the use of food contact grade ink can be, can avoid paper labels, eliminate the harm caused by industrial ink, more safer. At the same time, it can also be used for a variety of functional applications such as printing labels and blocking.

      Kyhink provides you with a complete set of solutions for food printing, and edible raw materials have passed more than ten safety certifications, eliminating food production enterprises' concerns about food safety.

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