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Who would say no to a cute animal on toast?

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Toast is one of the more common bread meals, and it is usually served as a breakfast with various ingredients. Now, the seemingly ordinary toast also has a different way of playing. Following the animal macarons launched by Sinojoinsun last time, the animal series ushered in a new favorite: cute animal toast.

First, there will always be bread, there will always be everything.Food Printing Technology has turned the toast into a flower. All kinds of cute looking animal toast, rich variety. From cute cats, cute dogs to cute pandas there are dozens of animal expressions, which could be a toast museum.Every animal toast seems like a work of art. It's silly, it's healing, and its edible.

Second, the transformation of a toast.The beauty of these colorful animal toast starts with the A2 printer's beautiful stamp on clean, innocent toast. And so the magic of animal toast began to unfold. A2 printer is a small and medium-sized desktop food printer independently developed by Sinojoinsun which can adapt to 24-nour production t can meet the mass production needs of bakery stores and realize personalized customization. addition to animal toast. Various kinds of cultural and creative special food are also created. Such as food printing science and technology for you to bring before the printed word dumplings, cherry blossom macaron, cheongsam beauty printed pastry and many other cases.In addition, A2 machine has Epson XP series nozzle. stable performance. Efficient and durable: Two-way mode ful plate printing only 120s, can be mass-produced; Independent printing software, more convenient typesetting and printing and many other advantages.

Third, life is bitter and animal toast is sweet. The edible inks and pigments used to print on animal toast are the result of careful research and development of natural plants extracted by Sinojoinsun. Sinojoinsun strives for a healthy life by using greener and safer raw materials.The endless satisfaction brought by the animal toast. the healing expressions of the animals, all warm each other in the big city slightly lonely. When the animal toast is in the mouth, the sun is right, the breeze is warm, tomorrow is still beautiful.In the future. Sinojoinsun will continue to create more interesting works on food prints.SINOJOINSUN print toast2SINOJOINSUN print toast

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   +86-(0)27-87635568
    No.1906,#9, Guanggu International Headquarter, No. 62, Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei, China
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