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Wuhan Ke Yi Hua shined at 2011 FIC autumn exhibition

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On November 21, China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC) was grandly opened in Guangzhou. FIC is the largest international exhibition of the most authoritative food industry in Asia. A wealth of exhibitions and technology exchange activities, attracting a large number of professional visitors to visit.

Wuhan Ke Yihua is honored to be a member of FIC exhibitors, Wuhan Ke Yi Hua with advanced, stable, safe, green food printing technology to get everyone's unanimous praise!





Wuhan Ke Yi Hua has been carefully prepared, by virtue of trendy technology and excellent product performance, has attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop,watching and consulting the discussion.


In the food field, edible ink can be used to beautify the surface of food products. Currently edible ink has been applied to apples, mangoes, eggs, chocolate beans, candies, cakes, donkey-hide gelatin, noodles, drinks, biscuits, chips, seaweed and other products.


As consumers pay more and more attention to the appearance and origin of foods, such as gifts of apple with greetings, hand-drawn graffiti candy crackers, customized drinks, cakes and so on, the realization of these ideas needs to ensure food safety Edible ink


Relative to the food, the most important thing is safety, safety means no impact on physical health, even if you eat the stomach, but also reassuring. Wuhan Ke Yihua food printing technology using edible ink, each of its components must be edible, while edible ink production process must also meet the relevant requirements of food production.

Just get our safe and gr Edible Ink.

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