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Apple printer

Apple printer adopts aluminum alloy die-casting frame, integrated casting, adopts configuration components, semi-automatic operation mode, stable equipment performance, high precision, clear typing patterns, no burrs, fast typing speed, up to 1,200 per hour. The oil cup design saves 60% ink and is easy to install.
Product Description
1: Apple printer adopts microcomputer control, high degree of automation, flexible and simple operating procedures.
2: The overall aluminum alloy casting body of the Apple pad printer improves the stability and life of the machine (different from sheet metal welding, which is unstable and easy to rust)
3: The machine head can be adjusted and raised to facilitate the replacement of ink, steel plate, rubber head parts, etc.;
4: The ink tray and printing head can be adjusted freely to be used for multi-color printing, breaking through the performance of the general machine, and feeling more flexible;
5: Each oil pan seat can be adjusted independently for x, y and angle, which is convenient and accurate for color registration
6: All use precision pneumatic components of international brands such as Japan, precise, precise, efficient and fast, and long service life
7: Choose the hardened shaft and shaft from famous factory, it is not easy to wear, and the anti-wear ability is several times that of ordinary, ensuring the accuracy and life of the machine
Product Description
Apple printer parameters
Pad printer type Apple printer
Printing color monochrome
product type brand new
Applicable material Food, fruits and vegetables, gifts
Operation method Semi-automatic
Power type pneumatic
Voltage power 220V/50W
Machine weight 90Kg
Printing speed 2300  Pos/hr
Dimensions 79*42*135cm
Printing area 75*75mm
Ink type Edible ink


Product Description
苹果油墨-元旦苹果食用油墨 苹果印字,苹果可食用油墨

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