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Chocolate Transfer Sheet | Edible Transfer Sheet

Product Description
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Filmcare® Chocolate transfer is a updated product, and it has many differences and advantages. It meets FDA standards, and is made starch, fructose and other foods or food additives that. It's safe to eat directly. It can be transferred to meringues, isomaltose and chocolate to make creative desserts, edible cake topper and chocolate bars. Its best advantages are photo quality and long-lasting color retention. That is to say, you can print complex images on chocolate transfer paper, or even gradient images, and retain the color for a long time. That's the obvious differences between our product and other ordinary chocolate transfer paper on the market.

1. Photo-quality image: the image has a unique brightness after transfer, highly restore the image color;
2. Durable color: in a good preservation environment, in the shelf life of food, printed edible patterns can be preserved for a long time, no fading, no fading;
3. Design printing convenience: edible ink in line with FDA standards, suitable for a variety of inkjet printers, printer model is not limited;
4. Transfer technology convenience: simple operation, flexible and convenient use, high production efficiency;
5. Cost advantage: compared with transfer paper and transfer mould, transfer film has lower price, which can realize mass production;
6. Meet the needs of factory production: to provide supporting services and solutions, to provide customers with a variety of applicable scenarios, to meet the needs of creative food production.

● Transferability: Hot chocolate with temperature above 45℃ can quickly complete the pattern transfer, with excellent transfer effect;
● Printability: with edible ink to quickly print color patterns, suitable for a variety of inkjet printers;
● Edible: it is safe and hygienic to eat and can be eaten together with the decorated food;
● Convenience: simple transfer printing process, flexible operation, high production efficiency;
● Decorative: expand the application space of food, enhance product value.

edible image chocolate for cake topper

transfer to chocolate

edible transfer sheet for meringue

transfer to meringue

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